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Partnership between Dyanix and AFAS

Dyanix announces strategic partnership with AFAS Software to make digital adoption platform Apty available for AFAS customers

[Houten, Netherlands, 26 April] Dyanix, a leading solutions provider, announced today a strategic partnership with Dutch software platform AFAS, to make Apty’s Digital Adoption Platform available to AFAS customers. Since 2021, Dyanix has been the exclusive reseller of US-founded Apty in EMEA.

Apty is a digital adoption platform that optimises the use of software and works with any web-based application. The platform offers users on-screen help and insight into usage. The analysis of user data provides actionable insights so that organisations can improve the efficiency and ROI of their software.
This unique and innovative link with AFAS will allow users to familiarise themselves with AFAS software two to three times faster. Apty recognises repetitive tasks and replaces them by adding bots. What’s more, companies can accelerate their digital transformation backed up by data and analytics. 

Dyanix enables its partners in digital transformation by acting as a gateway for vendors such as Apty, and creating new opportunities for software platforms, like AFAS. With this partnership, Dyanix will be able to offer Apty to AFAS customers to help them to increase the productivity and ROI of their software investment. 
About AFAS
You want to focus on what your company does best. Administrative processes are probably not what you want to spend your precious time on. They are often tedious, so why not let AFAS software help you? AFAS automates many of these processes and ensures efficient operations by streamlining the information flow. All departments in your organisation use the same software: Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance and other colleagues all share the same data. This drastically reduces mistakes and time wasted on inputting data and transferring it between different applications.

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About Dyanix
Dyanix is a leading solutions provider in the broad area of digital transformation. As well as offering the best and leading hardware and software solutions in scanning and capture, Dyanix also offers solutions to increase productivity, company processes, and possibilities in analysis and storage. Dyanix offers a complete package of services to support its partners on many levels.