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Capture Software

Regardless of whether you're an independent end-user or a reseller looking to diversify your product portfolio, it always helps to be up-to-date with the different scanning software options available on the market. To give you a hand with this, we've put together a list of products from some of our best brands, including intelligent solutions and utility software, that make it possible for all kinds of people to meet their digital document management needs.


Canon CaptureOnTouch Pro

Canon has been one of the most recognisable names in imaging for the past 80 years as the leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions. The CaptureOnTouch Pro offers end-users professional image processing by making it possible to scan and organise document batches; allowing document workflows to be as speedy and organised as possible. Here are some of its key features:

  • Intuitive scanning to suit the needs of each individual user

The Canon CaptureOnTouch Pro offers users a simple icon-based operation system. People have the choice of 3-step scanning, configurable scan modes and destinations such as one-touch scanning to provide shortcuts for the most frequently performed tasks; as well as operation via the use of the scanner’s panel buttons.

  • Handy and efficient batch separation

CaptureOnTouch can quickly scan batches of documents and then save them as separate files or folders. Depending on the kind of document that you have to scan, you can separate documents using a number of separation methods, including a blank page, counter, zone OCR, patch code, front of the page, or barcode. 

  • Output rich index data files for each scanned document or page

The CaptureOnTouch Pro allows you to create rich index data files for each scanned document or page. Users can select from a wide range of available fields or choose up to 10 zones on a document to allow for recognition.


Fujitsu PaperStream

PFU is one of the specialist companies within the wider Fujitsu family that specialises in information management solutions. Their Fujitsu Image Scanner PaperStream software offers a wide variety of high-performance tools. It not only guarantees that the core source image is of the highest quality; it also allows users to effectively streamline the capture process, reducing costs, and improving all-around efficiency. 

A key part of streamlining the scanning process is automation. The Fujitsu PaperStream software allows users to increase their overall organisational productivity thanks to its ability to create a system of more streamlined and economical digital workflows. Here are some examples of how it's done:

  • PaperStream IP 

By automatically optimising scanned images, PaperStream IP provides the building blocks for the capture process; delivering high-quality output for faster, lower-cost downstream operations time and time again. 

  • PaperStream IP Net 

PaperStream IP Net provides an even more flexible way to deploy the functions that PaperStream IP brings to Fujitsu Image Scanners.

  • PaperStream Capture

PaperStream Capture streamlines existing digital workflows by automating the validation, data extraction, and release stages during the batch capture process. Users who choose to upgrade to the PaperStream Capture Pro will see this process re-engineered to deliver even greater economies of scale for high-volume capture operations.


Kodak Capture Pro 

Kodak Alaris offers efficient and versatile scanning solutions for everything, from everyday workgroup applications to high-production scanning. Their Kodak Capture Pro software allows businesses to convert large volumes of paper documents into high-quality images both quickly and accurately. Here are just some of the specific features that this unique software offers end-users:

  • Extract and index with automated quality control

Intelligent Exception Processing immediately identifies missing information, such as a required signature that can cause post-scan rework to build up. Intelligent Quality Control automatically flags questionable information for review thanks to its automated technology that consistently guarantees accurate capture.

  • Separate and organise documents in a fraction of the time

With Intelligent Job Select, you can significantly reduce the time spent on manual document sorting prior to scanning. Automatically switch jobs and profiles while scanning large batches and make use of reusable patch sheets.

  • Seamless integration with a variety of scanners

Something that sets Kodak Capture Pro apart from any other data capture software on the market is its ability to work seamlessly with scanners from a number of different manufacturers. In this way, you can make the most out of your existing hardware investment while continuing to build new data capture solutions that will streamline and improve your business workflows.


Utility software from CaptureBites

MetaServer is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software that automatically processes scanned and electronic documents from folders or email inboxes. In practical terms, it allows people to make better use of their time by taking care of a considerable chunk of the more tedious and repetitive work that people can often get bogged down with. 

For example, MetaServer can automatically divide a stack of documents into individual files by detecting specific separator words on the first page; categorising them based on document type, extracting and looking up key data, sending email notifications if certain conditions apply, and updating a business system with the resulting information. You just have to scan the documents and voilà - the most relevant data is extracted and then used to automatically sort the documents into folders and apply a meaningful name to each file.


Intelligent solutions with Tungsten Automation

As the established leader in intelligent automation, Tungsten Automation is all about providing organisations with top-of-the-range AI technology to allow them to work better. Tungsten Automation combines cognitive capture, RPA, process orchestration, mobility, engagement, and analytics to provide a complete all-round customer experience and deliver outstanding results.


More than two decades of experience in the field of scanning software

At Dyanix, our extensive range of scanning software means that you can always find the right solution to suit your needs. With over twenty years of experience in the field, our consultants are here to help you with anything you need.

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