High-volume Scanners

When it comes to high-volume scanning size matters and scanning speed counts – our experienced Dyanix consultants are here to advise you on the best solution for your needs.

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High-Volume Scanners

Automated high-speed document capture with intelligent sorting for continuous operation in batch scanning applications and 24/7 production scanning

A company's mailroom or back office is the central place where large volumes of documents are digitised and converted. The capture process includes scanning, validating, indexing, and extracting data to be made available for the next step. With a standard document scanner, the capture process can quickly become tiresome and error-prone. With a high-volume document scanner on the other hand, this process becomes fully automated, faster, and in the end much more efficient.

High-volume scanners are ideal for a wide range of applications and are utilised in every vertical market including banking, digital mailroom, financial services, insurance, healthcare, government, outsourcing, and BPO.

As a rule of thumb, digitising over 40,000 documents per day is when investing in a high-volume scanner should be considered.


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Where size does matter and scanning speed counts

Robust device construction and high-scanning speed are the key features of a high-volume production scanner. It can digitise documents at speeds surpassing 90 pages per minute, a number much higher than desktop, workgroup, and departmental scanners on the market. Additional features, such as automatic document processing, imprinting, and sorting, as well as barcode reading, allow for each document to be scanned, its data extracted, validated, and sorted automatically in one simple step, with minimal human interaction.

Organise scan jobs using intelligent imprinting

Imprinters are small built-in inkjet printers, usually added as an optional accessory, that can print incremental values, letters, time, date, and batch numbers on scanned documents.

Pre-scan imprinters print this information on the document before scanning and it will appear on the scanned image, while a post-scan imprinter prints the information on documents post-digitisation for archiving purposes.

Using barcode recognition technology

During the document scanning preparation, barcode sheets with folder names or index information are inserted into the document stack. Using automatic batch scanning, the documents are saved into appropriate folders or sorting pockets, and an index is automatically created, facilitating the data integration into document-management systems.

Sorting pockets reduces post-scanning processing time

High-volume scanners can be equipped with sorting pockets to separate distinct types of documents after digitisation. This way bank statements, credit card bills, and receipts for example are kept apart to facilitate physical archiving later.

Correct your data while scanning and avoid paper jams with multi-feed detection.

Data validation is a fast and easy way to check and correct information during the scanning process. Some information from barcodes, checks or OCR data can be captured incorrectly or even not at all. In most cases, validation applications can perform a database lookup to validate or populate other fields in real time, minimising errors and costs in downstream processes.

Multi-feed detection is another feature that is commonly found on newer documents and high-volume scanners. This feature detects when two or more sheets of paper are scanned through the automatic document feeder at the same time. High-volume scanners usually have three or more multi-feed sensors built in.


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Looking for the right scanner?

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