Epson has an extensive scanner portfolio that meets a wide range of requirements and enables businesses to capture high-quality images and documents as quickly and as easily as possible. 



Featured Products

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Epson DS-Series  

Epson document scanners are fast, reliable and versatile - for more productivity in the workplace.  


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Epson DS-N Series 

For companies that use the full potential of networked workplaces. 


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Epson DS-XL Series  

A flatbed scanner that makes it possible to scan a wide range of challenging documents, including books, bound documents, passports, and delicate items while quickly and simply scanning stacks of office documents.

Document Scanning Software 

Epson Document Capture Pro  

Document Capture Pro makes it easy to scan, store and share information across your organization. 

Advanced document naming, splitting, and routing features make scanning simple and routing of documents makes scanning a simple process. Save and send files in popular formats such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and more. Easily create job profiles and scan with the touch of a button. 


Compatible Epson Scanner models are DS-70, DS-80W, DS-320, DS-410, DS-530, DS-770, DS-780N, DS-860, DS-1630, DS-6500, DS-7500, DS-50000, DS-60000, and DS-70000. 


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Scan Documents 

Capture, save and send files in popular formats such as PDF, JPEG or TIFF. Create simple job profiles for one-touch scanning. 

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Edit & Enhance 

Document Capture Pro software has built-in features to optimize original documents such as autorotation, automatic skew correction, text optimization, hole punch removal, and dual document output. Sort and separate stacks of paper documents automatically. 

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The latest version of Document Capture Pro enables easy remote management of an entire fleet of multifunction printers and scanners. Only available for specific models. 


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