Dyanix Installation

Why should I use Dyanix to provide installation and training for my document scanners?

Dyanix is the leading service provider in the field of document scanners and capture software across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region. Every year, we carry out over 800 new scanner installations throughout 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Our highly-trained service technicians rely on years of experience and expertise to provide you with best-in-class installation, training, and maintenance for your scanning solutions. We install your scanner and scanning application according to your individual needs and requirements to enable you to use your solution efficiently.

We serve blue-chip clients from various industries, including finance, banking, insurance, Business Process Outsourcing, logistics, and manufacturing.


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How do I know which installation and training package is right for me?

We offer three distinct packages to suit a wide variety of end-users. Here's a quick summary to help get you up to speed:

Installation Smart: We take care of the entire process of installing and testing the scanner.

Our experienced professionals provide:

  • Unpacking and assembling of the scanner
  • Hardware installation, connection to PC or network, and the carrying out of a function test
  • Installation of drivers and diagnostic software
  • Basic operator training with instructions on how to clean the scanner regularly

Installation Business: This package offers a highly attractive price-performance ratio for sophisticated service requirements.

Installation Business includes all the benefits that come with Installation Smart, as well as:

  • Installation and setup of the scanning software
  • Demonstration of the scanning solution
  • Introduction to the use of the software and drivers

Installation Custom: This package is recommended for production, book, and large format scanners. Installation Custom comes with advanced installation and setup of the scanner and its software with user-specific configuration.

This includes:

  • Installation of the capture software, including the configuration of scan jobs
  • User configuration according to your requirements
  • Advanced network-specific setup according to your requirements (e.g. dynamic email addresses)
  • Customised training plan including user training in maintenance

Training with Dyanix for guaranteed high performance

Dyanix offers a number of customised training plans that are specifically tailored to your needs. Your staff will be trained in the use and maintenance of the scanning solution provided.

The training on offer is aimed at system administrators, software users, and scanner operators working with production scanners or those working with books and large-format originals.

High productivity and staff acceptance right from the start

If you would like to find out more, please contact your local distributor or reseller or visit us at www.dyanix.com. You can also learn more about our additional services such as OnSite maintenance contracts, SWAP exchange, and Software Support.