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Beat the Talent Shortage with Impact Sourcing

Torsten Malchow, on January 25, 2023, wrote about Impact Sourcing in the world of business. As companies become more socially conscious, Impact Sourcing is becoming a popular way to address the talent shortage while improving outcomes for businesses and communities.

In this article, you'll learn what Impact Sourcing is, why companies should consider it, and how ScaleHub implements it with trusted partners.


Impact Sourcing: What is it?

Impact Sourcing is a type of business process outsourcing (BPO) that helps global enterprises achieve their goals while providing opportunities to disadvantaged communities. This can be people from marginalised groups based on geography, gender, age, culture, socioeconomic background, or other factors.

There are three primary models of Impact Sourcing: direct (hiring by traditional outsourcing providers), impact sourcing providers (with a social mission to hire disadvantaged individuals), and sub-contracting (traditional outsourcing providers subcontracting to impact sourcing providers).


Why Consider Impact Sourcing?

Impact Sourcing is a win-win for both businesses and communities. It broadens the pool of expertise while utilizing the potential of communities with limited opportunities. Companies should consider Impact Sourcing due to its benefits:


• Social impact: It creates a positive impact on families and communities.

• Talent pool: Access to a larger, more diverse, and qualified workforce.

• Delivery: Reliable service delivery meeting client SLAs and expectations.

• Cost: Lower or comparable costs to traditional BPOs.


ScaleHub and Impact Sourcing

ScaleHub, a global delivery company, sees the impact of socially responsible engagement and has actively worked with BPOs that aid social development initiatives in its Crowd Community.

Working with Connected Women, a social impact tech start-up in the Philippines offering online skills training and remote work for women, ScaleHub has seen significant results from Impact Sourcing. Connected Women provides high-quality data annotation outsourcing for projects worldwide, including data validation of historical documents, data verification of architectural blueprints, and data labelling for AI/NLP training.

Watch ScaleHub’s Webinar recording held on February 2nd by ScaleHub's VP of EMEA Partnerships, Susanne Richter-Wills, and VP of US Partnerships, Peter Mueller, where they discuss the advantages of Impact Sourcing and how it can shape the future of talent acquisition.

They were joined by Gina Romero, Founder and Head of Special Projects at Connected Women, who talked about how Impact Sourcing is enhancing clients' capacity and making a significant change for Filipino women.


Watch the webinar recording to learn more about how Impact Sourcing can positively impact your talent acquisition and processing strategies.