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Customer story: care organisation PSW

With 1,150 employees and 470 volunteers, the Netherlands-based care organisation PSW provides care for clients with mental disabilities. To make it easier for their employees to carry out their work, they use Workspace 365 delivered by WS365 partner Ictivity

Ictivity has developed its own workplace service called Omnia Workspace based on Workspace 365 which integrates with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and SharePoint.

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Complete workspace renewal

In 2017, PSW underwent a comprehensive IT upgrade which included the implementation of a new patient file system and a portal based on Omnia (using Workspace 365) which integrates Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

In the new environment, care providers can immediately access the information and processes they need to do their jobs. Furthermore, PSW can guarantee an even higher level of service for its clients. The transition also had a significant impact on employees and work processes. 
PSW’s ICT Manager Marcel highlights the importance of this transition and how employees have been included in the entire transformation process:

“In addition to simplifying work for PSW’s employees, digitisation really does contribute to optimal care for the client”. – Marcel, ICT Manager at PSW

By switching to the new PSW portal based on Workspace 365, the care systems are organised more effectively enabling employees to work much more efficiently. “The switch to the new portal and working method was a great choice. It offers a number of advantages for healthcare providers, enabling them to provide even better care to our clients.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the portal has proven itself by allowing PSW to quickly roll out and implement image communication applications. With the support of Ictivity, PSW is now adding extra functionality through Power Apps, further enhancing employees' daily work experience.


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