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Customer story: MetaServer for logistics company 

Looking for an RPA solution to complement an ERP implementation project for their customer a Spanish logistics company, digitisation consultancy, Luigilar, chose Capture Bites MetaServer to automate the processing of scanned and electronic documents.

Undergoing a digital transformation 

Luigilar took on the project to digitise and automate the processes of their customer Santiago Peñaranda S.L., a leading logistics company based in Spain. This began with the implementation of an ERP system that would cover all of the company's current and future needs. However, one of the main obstacles to complete digitisation and a major data source into the system were documents that inevitably came from handwritten sources, whose information needed to be digitised and transferred to the ERP and Quality Control.

Drivers would send photographs of partially handwritten documents or deliver handwritten paper documents to the accounting and quality department, where one or more employees would manually extract the data and enter it into the system. This was a time-consuming and tedious task, with a high risk of errors. Santiago Peñaranda needed an automated digital solution that could read the data from these scanned photos and paper documents, validate them using artificial intelligence, and finally transfer them automatically to the ERP.

The solution

Dyanix presented Luigilar with its RPA solution, MetaServer, a powerful and easy-to-use software to automatically process scanned and electronic documents.

After a successful trial of MetaServer to process handwritten documents, Santiago Peñaranda decided to extend the project to process incoming invoices and delivery notes, among other high-traffic documents. 

Installing Metaserver

Dyanix Solutions Consultant, Paulo Fernandes installed MetaServer for the customer and set up workflows to process incoming documents. MetaServer automatically imports documents from watched folders and email inboxes. In addition, it can extract a wide range of data types, including low-quality typed, handwritten or deformed text and table data.


MetaServer - the perfect solution for Logistics

MetaServer has proven to be a highly efficient solution for processing incoming receipts, invoices and delivery notes, saving Santiago Peñaranda's accounting and quality departments countless hours and resources. This automation has significantly streamlined their operations, improving efficiency, quality and overall accuracy.

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