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Dyanix Unisys partnership Apty

Dyanix and Unisys take partnership to the next level 

Dyanix, a leading solutions provider in the area of digital transformation, today announced that they have extended their partnership with Unisys Netherlands, the Dutch entity of the global technology solutions company, Unisys. Dyanix has been providing capture hardware and services to Unisys since 2004. From today, the two companies will work together to offer the Digital Adoption Platform, Apty to Unisys’ customers.
Apty’s Digital Adoption Platform solves the unique challenges organisations face when trying to orchestrate people, processes and technology. By making it easier for employees to use technology, Apty helps companies enforce business process compliance and accelerate their digital transformation.

“We are amazed about the ease and power of this adoption tool, which means that users of our solutions don’t have to fall back on training or guides, but can enjoy live guidance of Apty through (not only) our solutions,” said Richard Zeevat, ECM Product- Delivery Manager at Unisys. He continued: “calling Apty just an adoption tool does not give it full credit. Providing the users process guidance over multiple applications and learning how users actually use (or don’t use) their applications/solutions are functions of great added value to our clients. We thank Dyanix for certifying our consultants in the implementation of Apty, and for their dedicated support and expertise whenever we need it”.

Bram van der Plas with consultants from Unisys Netherlands

Enabling partners

Dyanix enables its partners in digital transformation by acting as a gateway for vendors such as Apty, and creating new opportunities for resellers, like Unisys Netherlands, and end users. With this partnership, Dyanix will collaborate with Unisys to help their clients to increase the productivity and ROI of their solutions with Apty’s Digital Adoption Platform. This partnership provides a strong foundation for growing Apty in the Dutch market supported by Unisys’ local market knowledge and expertise.
Based in Leusden, Unisys Netherlands works with clients around the world to drive innovation through digital workplace, cloud, enterprise computing and business process solutions. To complement their services, they are deploying the Digital Adoption Platform, Apty as an additional tool in order to strengthen the adoption and user experience of the solutions they are delivering.

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