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The SCAMAX® Sorter: A New Era in Document Management

The drive for efficiency and precision is continuous. Document management often faces challenges such as manual sorting errors, time-consuming processes, and inefficient workflows. Introducing the SCAMAX® Sorter, a state-of-the-art hardware add-on designed to redefine document sorting. With its innovative design and unmatched capabilities, the SCAMAX® Sorter is set to revolutionize how businesses manage their document workflows, offering superior performance and streamlined operations.

More Sorting Trays, More Sorting Criteria

The SCAMAX® Sorter offers the ability to sort documents into up to five output trays, all at full scanning speed. Whether you're dealing with separation sheets, cover sheets, or specific document types, this powerful add-on ensures efficient and precise sorting. Mixed stacks are digitized and sorted in just one pass, significantly streamlining your workflow.

Advanced Sorting Criteria

One of the standout features of the SCAMAX® Sorter is its wide range of sorting criteria. You can sort documents based on: 

  • Patch Code: Ideal for identifying document boundaries. 
  • Barcode: Perfect for categorizing documents with unique identifiers. 
  • Document Length: Useful for sorting documents of varying sizes. 
  • Double Sheet Detection: Ensures no documents are missed or duplicated. 
  • Database (CSV) and Integrity Detection: Enhances accuracy and organization. 

Additionally, depending on the scanning software used, content-based sorting is also possible, adding another layer of versatility and precision to your document management process.

Expanding Capabilities

The SCAMAX® Sorter is compatible with all document scanners in the InoTec SCAMAX® 3×1 and 6×1 series, expanding them to three or five output trays. This makes them the desktop devices with the highest sorting capacity on the market. Despite its powerful capabilities, the SCAMAX® Sorter requires minimal space, ensuring maximum cost efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits

The SCAMAX® Sorter is packed with features designed to enhance your document management experience: 

  • Document Sorting at Full Scanning Speed: No compromise on speed, ensuring efficient processing. 
  • Versatile Sorting Options: Available as double or quadruple sorter, meeting various needs. 
  • Fully Accessible Paper Path: Simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime. 
  • Easy Installation: Can be installed on-site, integrating seamlessly with your existing setup.


In today's fast-paced business environment, the SCAMAX® Sorter stands out as a valuable investment. Its ability to sort documents quickly and accurately not only boosts productivity but also reduces the manual effort required, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks. Discover how this innovative add-on can transform your document management process, delivering efficiency and precision like never before. By adopting this innovative solution, you are choosing a future where document management is seamless, efficient, and cost-effective. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your workflow.

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