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Why ScaleHub

In today’s information-intensive age, the challenge lies in achieving digitisation with speed, accuracy, and stringent policy compliance.

ScaleHub offers a highly scalable managed service to process and label data at enterprise quality by harnessing the world’s largest crowd of human contributors on the leading AI-driven document automation platform.

On top of that, with ScaleHub, organisations can scale up or down depending on their needs or projects.

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Scaling up with ScaleHub: Real Garant

Leveraging growth within a vast network
Today, the claims management process is mainly paper-based and involves multiple input channels.

As an international company that provides services to multiple communities and offers support in many languages, Real Garant needed a solution that not only simplified the process and optimised the ecosystem but supported Real Garant’s diverse communication network.

That’s why Real Garant chose ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal as their process optimisation solution. Automating the claims management process was the logical next step to boost service quality for Real Garant’s ecosystem and support employees to ease the claims management process.

By digitising all documents through ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal, both Real Garant and the ecosystem will benefit through:

More accurate claims regulations thanks to the high accuracy of ScaleHub’s stellar technology.
Faster approvals based on extracted and verified data because of the crowdsourcing portal’s AI capabilities.

Reliable response time based on guaranteed SLAs from ScaleHub. Greater focus on sustaining a high quality of assistance from Real Garant’s experienced customer service team.

Ultimately, ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal offers Real Garant peace of mind with support in all European languages.

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Accurate Data Processing at Scale

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