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Every meeting is an investment. Whether Sales, Partner, People or Corporate, with Linkando, you maximise your return.


Why should you add Linkando to your portfolio?

Set up your online or hybrid meetings quickly and easily with Linkando, including tools to maximise meeting productivity. Never waste time sitting in an inefficient meeting again! Linkando is an addition to the Dyanix portfolio for resellers.

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Linkando offers a world-class meeting experience

A seamless remote meeting experience is essential for all interactions with customers, employees, partners and committees. Read on to discover 4 key areas where Linkando can revolutionise your meeting experience. 

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1. Increased efficiency of sales and service teams
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  • Increase efficiency and success of remote sales leading to 66% improved deal conversion and 38% earlier recognisable willingness to buy 
  • Ensure legally compliant online services
  • Offer reliable, easy-to-reach support services

Linkando increases sales success and improves customer satisfaction.


2. More motivated employees

Use Linkando to attract top talent and increase employee satisfaction.

  • Create a slick interview process to give candidates an inspiring recruitment experience, leading to 34% faster talent selection.       
  • Optimise meeting time with agenda-led personal discussions, leading to 28% earlier identifiable staff turnover.
  • Promote efficient team collaboration.




HR Recruitment
3. Maximise the success of your partner network
Partner network

Use Linkando to increase channel revenue and optimise partner engagement.

  • Increase partner retention, leading to 38% improvement in partner forecasts
  • Binding Business reviews
  • Structured supplier audits
  • Increase share of total sales by 18%
4. Committed committees

Use Linkando to carry out formal meetings efficiently and in a legally secure manner.

  • Efficient Supervisory Board meetings
  • Structured committee work leading to a 21% time saving for board members
  • Legally compliant formal assemblies
  • Reduce meeting costs by 28% 
Teamwork Meeting


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Linkando turns meetings into growth drivers

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Meeting Playbooks
Capture proven best practices in meeting playbooks and use them as templates for effective online business transactions.

  • Corporate Branding
  • Email Templates
  • Agenda templates
  • Meeting Series
  • Predefined content
  • Speaker scripts
  • Templates for protocols
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In-Meeting App
Conduct meetings more efficiently with engaging, interactive features delivered right within your familiar meeting solutions. 

  • Online agendas
  • Instructions for moderators
  • Time recording
  • Digital voting
  • Notes in real-time
  • Interactive feedback
  • Automated protocols
Right column

Meeting Central
Manage all meeting processes efficiently and traceably, in compliance with all policies and regulations, of course. Fully integrated with your existing business tools.

  • Calendar
  • Voting rights
  • Search results
  • Task Tracking
  • Data Analysis
  • Compliance Archive
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