Exchange information in a safe, secure and hassle-free manner without the fear that data will end up in the wrong hands.

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SECUREDD helps businesses transition their non-digital or paper-based workflows into GDPR-proof digital solutions and offers (long-term) data storage and transfer, both internally and externally. Solutions include:

  • Digital eSafe 
  • Secure eMail 
  • Large file transfer 
  • Office 365 plug-in

All of these solutions can be integrated into your workflow by connecting to SECUREDD'S APIs.


  • All communications and the portal can be white-labelled to match your or your customers' branding.
  • There are a variety of registration and authentication options available, including Single Sign-On.
  • All data is hosted in The Netherlands with 99.9% uptime.
  • No data analysis, no tracking.
  • ISO-27001 certified and fully encrypted.


SECUREDD Customers

  • Print - Pondres, expanding digital communication channels
  • Finance/professional services - Trace Payroll Services 
  • Dutch Healthcare Organisation
  • Public sector - Relocation Services Holland
  • Allianz & Avero Achmea - Pensions, life insurance 
Secure eMail 

Are you still relying on conventional emails to transmit sensitive information? Can you confidently guarantee the protection of your data against cyber threats? Is your customers' valuable information truly secure within your organisation's digital boundaries?

Introducing SECUREDD's Secure eMail: this innovative platform boasts an array of features, including effortless delivery tracking, a comprehensive activity journal, advanced email encryption, electronic signatures, seamless large file transfers, and much more. Seamlessly integrating with popular email providers such as MS Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, and more, Secure eMail ensures a smooth transition for your operations.

Empower every user to effortlessly send secure emails through either a convenient web interface or an Outlook plugin, compatible with Office 365 and other platforms. 

Digital eSafe 
Sequredd Software digital eSafe screenshot

SECUREDD's eSafe Portal offers you an online vault to store documents in a personal archive which is only accessible to the recipient. The owner of the digital SECUREDD eSafe must log on via the authentication module to open the encrypted documents and download them.
SECUREDD's eSafe portal is quick to implement and can be customised to match the look and feel of your company.

Case studies
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Technology: Pondres

Client Communication/Fulfilment company, Pondres handles large amounts of transactional data such as pension and assurance overviews via its Omnia Platform.

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Finance/professional services: Trace Payroll Services 

Trace Payroll Services was looking to expand its portfolio by adding a secure, electronic PAYE document delivery solution and turned to E-Payslip encryption experts, SecureDD.
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Dutch Healthcare Organisation

A Dutch Healthcare Organisation reached out to SECUREDD to secure the data transfer of laboratory results to Hospitals.
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Public sector: Relocation Services Holland

RSH takes care of the relocation of expats in the Netherlands. This involves sharing and sending privacy-sensitive data. 

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Exchange information in a safe, secure, hassle-free manner without the fear that data will end up in the wrong hands. 



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