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Affordable, fast and fun no-code platform

Triggre is a 100% no-code platform that allows companies to build, deploy, and scale business-critical customer software without technical knowledge. Companies can create web applications by visually mapping their processes, digitalizing them, replacing their legacy systems, and thus driving innovation and growth.

Triggre's consumption license model allows companies to pay depending on how much they consume. Get a head start with ready-to-go application templates along with automatic testing that ensures that there are no bugs saving valuable time. 

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Application design

Start building your application right away with Triggre's free templates, which are ready to use and based on real cases, or start completely from scratch. The intuitive editor features and visual workflow builder and smart context-sensitive wizards.

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Real-time validation

Triggre automatically detects when something is missing in your design and shows you exactly where the problem is so that you can easily resolve it. This guarantees that your application always works.

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Triggre automatically identifies any unexpected behaviour in your application. Your Triggre application is always up-to-date, because, with every release, the application is automatically updated.

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Triggre automatically generates an API to connect your application to any external service in the most convenient way: using Triggre’s built-in Web APIs functionality, Zapier integrations, Webhooks or a custom.


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Roles & permissions

Built-in role-based access control (RBAC) allows you to manage access and permissions for functionality or specific data. Restrict specific users from accessing certain parts and pages of your application.

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Triggre runs completely on Microsoft Azure. Customers are assigned to a data centre based on their location. New locations can be added on request as part of an Enterprise subscription.

What can Triggre do for you?

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Triggre No-Code App Builder vs. Traditional Programming


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Simplify data management with a custom no-code application


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Level up your contract management software with a custom no-code application



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Grow your revenue, not your workforce.

With Triggre, you can build an application in as little as 2 weeks, reduce time and money spent on human mistakes by 50% and save more than 6000 EUR in SaaS license fees.

Dyanix and Triggre help future-proof organisations. Triggre can be used to quickly and affordably digitalise business processes, replace legacy systems and drive innovation and growth for organisations.

We have set up an insightful Demo environment where our team can give you a real feel of Triggre so that you can see for yourself the benefits and key features that distinguish Triggre from its competition.

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