Zeutschel OS C Series

Do you need a device that handles large digitization projects with maximum efficiency for both A2+ and A1+ formats? With the continued development of our previous professional scanner series – the best-selling A2+ overhead scanner on the market – Zeutschel is meeting the demand for consistently high image quality, productivity and simple operation.

Quality and sustainability are important to Zeutschel so the OS C does not use plastic. The scanner and book cradles are made of recyclable metals and the newly designed glass plate in the Advanced version is operated electro-mechanically to ensure a long service life.

  • DIN-A2+ models: Zeutschel OS C2 Comfort, OS C2 Advanced, OS C2 Advanced Plus
  • DIN-A1+ model: Zeutschel OS C1
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Características técnicas

Book Scanners
Tamaño del documento
Detección de alimentación múltiple
Colour, Greyscale and Black & White
Gig E
Dimensions (mm, WxDxH)
up to 1150x 1023 x 1573
Weight (kg)
up to 160kg
File formats
all the standard image formats, for example TIFF uncompressed, TIFF G4, JPEG, JP2, Multipage TIFF, PDF, Multipage PDF, BMP, PNG, GIF, PCX
Book cradle
from manual to advanced versions depending on series (see specs in datasheet)

Zeutschel OS C Series: the advantages at a glance

Continuous image quality with a high certainty of results
With the OS C, you achieve best results in image quality that meets the requirements of the quality standard Metamorfoze Light, ISO 19264 Level B and FADGI (only OS C2-models). The advanced optimized LED lighting and the even, precise movement of the scan head drive ensures continuous quality of the digital image.

Automatic quality control with OmniScan 12 and OS QM Tool
With the quality analysis software OS QM Tool, the operator can check the results of the scan against a test chart to determine if the result of the scan is in accordance to the desired image quality standards ISO 19264-1or relevant guidelines such as Metamorfoze or FADGI. With the object level target that is placed next to the original, OmniScan and OS QM Tool achieve 100% quality assurance.

Short scan times for efficient work
The significant acceleration of the scanning process as a result of software enhancements and improvements to Zeutschel’s already renowned book cradles, book holders and glass plates, allows a faster completion of your scanning projects. Easy to use and ergonomic work The OmniScan 12 software has proven to direct scan operators easily and efficiently through the entire process of image processing from capture through image optimization up to the output of various output formats. Zeutschel’s exclusive lighting system is only activated during the scanning process to keep light exposure to a minimum.