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Dyanix launches YOOLOX, a technology solution for the hospitality industry

The solution is digitising hospitality with its self-serve ordering and customer insight solution

[Madrid, Spain, 05 Oct, 2022]: Dyanix, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, launches a new technology solution for digitising the hospitality sector. Offering self-serve ordering and the ability to collect customer feedback, YOOLOX strives to help restaurants, cafes, and bars to increase productivity, reduce staff costs, and generate more revenue.  
It offers three solutions in one. The ordering module allows customers to order and pay directly from their table via a QR code, a feature that helps to alleviate staffing shortages or reduce the impact of lower staff numbers. The insights module, apart from being GDPR proof, allows businesses to learn about their customers' preferences and improve the customer experience, as well as make time-sensitive improvements to their business. In addition, customers can receive free wireless charging sessions in exchange for providing feedback via the YOOLOX QR code.
The solution enables business owners to optimise their operations and management, and create automated processes to reduce costs spent on additional employees and human error. YOOLOX transforms the way businesses interact with their customers, but it also allows them to focus on achieving higher-value tasks.
“This partnership is very exciting for Dyanix,” says Peter de Boer, CEO of Dyanix. “The YOOLOX company is a start-up and we are getting involved very early on. We look forward to working together to grow their business beginning with the Spanish market.”
“We are delighted to partner up with Dyanix, whom we rely on for their profound sales and marketing experience and vast network across all major European markets to distribute YOOLOX technology solutions,” says David Photien, Co-founder of YOOLOX. “Our start-up is a young company; we are looking forward to growing thanks to this partnership with Dyanix.”


About Dyanix 

Dyanix is a leading solutions provider in digital transformation. As an expert with over 20 years of experience in the fields of scanning and digitisation, the company offers the best combination of hardware and software solutions to resellers and end-users. Our innovative cloud solutions help companies to increase productivity, enhance business processes, and offer broad data analysis and protection. In addition, Dyanix can deploy an extensive range of services anywhere in Europe and support projects at every level. 

About Yoolox 

YOOLOX, a Munich-headquartered hospitality technology company, delivers digital solutions to enhance customer experience and gather customer insights. YOOLOX offers three solutions – Ordering, Insights, and Charging. With YOOLOX, businesses can increase customer spending, better understand customers and reduce operating costs.


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