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Dyanix has the perfect solution for architects, engineers and construction workers who need to scan large documents, such as maps, blueprints, and other oversized documents.
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Large format scanners

Whether you're an independent end-user or a hardware reseller looking to diversify your product portfolio, it's always good to be in the know about the options available. Here we're going to have a look at large format scanners from some of our favourite brands and explain how and when they can be used to help meet people's digitisation needs. 


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Contex is a market leader in large-format scanning that offers high-quality, innovative solutions for a wide range of industries. We've chosen three products that stand out both in terms of quality and the possibilities that they offer to help businesses work more efficiently and ease their workflow. 

IQ Quattro X

The new and improved IQ Quattro X is a must-have for any organisation that operates in a high-production environment. With the 5th generation of Contex CIS scanners, users can benefit from its improved technology and enhanced speed, with data transfer that's three times faster than previous models. Here are some cool features that make the IQ Quattro X the essence of productivity:

  • Easy to use: The Nextimage Remote App saves valuable operator time by bringing all main functions essential for basic scanning and copying in front of the operator directly on the scanner. A big advantage of the remote app is how easy it is to set up; download it to your iOS or Android device and you're ready to go. 
  • Improved image technology: Contex Live Alignment is a feature of the IQ Quattro X that greatly improves image alignment across sensors ensuring consistently precise and sharp images, regardless of the speed. On top of this, the 48-bit CIS technology allows you to capture every detail of your document.
  • Control the speed: The 3-position speed control means you can temporarily shift down to slower scan speeds for more delicate originals 

The IQ Quattro X is particularly useful for any professionals looking to produce high-quality scans or copies of things like site plans, large GIS maps, engineering drawings, drawings, blueprints, architectural renderings and other kinds of technical drawings. It's also ideal for copy shops. 

Image Access

Image Access is another one of the technology market leaders with a variety of innovative large-format scanners and digitisation solutions for customers right across Europe. They also offer the highest scanning speed in the large format scanner sector.

WideTEK® 24F 

Image Access has introduced the WideTEK® 24F as the latest addition to an already impressive range of large-format flatbed scanners. This model uses the latest camera technology and illumination techniques, providing incredibly accurate scanning at resolutions of up to 1200 dots per inch. Some other features that make the WideTEK® 24F the go-to option include:

It leaves its competitors in the dust: The WideTek® 24F is lightning fast, offering outstandingly high-resolution scans in less than four seconds. The scanning speeds are tripled in black and white and greyscale modes and the speed can be adjusted when required to scan more fragile documents.

It's made to last: an 18 x 24-inch scratch-resistant glass plate provides the scanning glass with protection from dirt, wet ink, dust, and other objects that can damage scanners over time. 

It's an impressive standalone system: it comes with a built-in 64-bit Linux PC with 16GB of memory that works with Scan2Net® technology, giving you the possibility to scan directly to FTP servers, USB drives, hot folders and cloud applications. 

The WideTEK® 24F processes documents up to 50 inches wide with outstanding accuracy and speed. 


i2S provides a wide range of scanners and software solutions for heritage digitisation to see you through every stage of the digitisation process. 

i2S eScan Open System

Many people consider electronic books to be more practical than physical books, as they don't take up space and can be easily uploaded to the cloud or other online platforms, allowing you to access them whenever and wherever you want. The i2s eScan Open System is ideal for digitising any books or documents with high quality and retrieving data for professional or personal use.

Fully configurable and connected, the eScan Open System Book Scanner is a relatively modern concept in scanning that makes the most of any given company's expertise in technical innovation and usage.

Image Quality: In keeping with the new ISO 19264 standard and the Metamorfoze and FADGI 3-star guidelines. 

User-friendly: The scanner is easy to use, driven by LIMB Capture Real-time preview.

Versatile and ready to meet all kinds of needs: While simultaneously being straightforward enough for the average library patron and advanced enough for a professional, the eScan can be used for a variety of applications. 

The eScan Open System is the first fully configurable book scanner designed to fill the specific needs of libraries, archives, service bureaus, and digitisation projects across the globe. Both the hardware and software are fully customisable, meaning that the eScan Open System can be configured to provide universities, public libraries, service bureaus,  archives, and museums with the best configuration to meet their needs.


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