Self-serve ordering and customer insights to help hospitality businesses increase productivity, reduce staff costs, and generate more revenue.




Enhance your guest experience. Improve understanding of your guests and their needs with YOOLOX technology. Developed for hospitality venues, including cafes, restaurants and hotels. YOOLOX increases productivity, reduces staff costs and generates more revenue.

YOOLOX Solutions

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YOOLOX Ordering

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Let your guests take control of their customer experience. With our unique device recognition technology and QR codes, your guests can order food and drink without waiting for table service. From placing an order to making a payment, the entire process is completed effortlessly with YOOLOX Ordering


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YOOLOX Insights

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Learn what makes your customer happy. Set up event-triggered feedback questions to gather accurate responses in real time with YOOLOX Insights. Understand what they think about your products and services so that you can make time-sensitive improvements to your business.


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YOOLOX Charging

Yoolox Selfe Service application - Charging


Improve accessibility to wireless charging. Reward your guests with a free wireless charging session for their smartphones. This feature can be added to any YOOLOX solution and seamlessly integrated at your venue.

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3 benefits of ordering systems in restaurants and cafes

Restaurants and cafes were hit hard by the pandemic; hospitality venues had to close during outbreaks which led to massive losses, and requirements for expensive pieces of equipment were mostly necessary in the short-term. However, restricted social interactions led to the acceleration of technologies, an example being ordering systems that allow customers to place an order using devices from their tables. Let’s look at 3 benefits of ordering systems in restaurants and cafes. 

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We have set up an insightful Demo environment where our team can give you a real feel of YOOLOX so that you can see for yourself the benefits and the key features that distinguish YOOLOX from the competition.