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Optimise your workforce capacity by leveraging RPA, automating labour-intensive, multi-step tasks seamlessly across systems and data sources without any coding required.
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Achieve heightened productivity, efficiency, and adherence to regulations, liberating employees from monotonous, recurring tasks and giving them more time to focus on impactful work. As an integral component of the cutting-edge Tungsten Intelligent Automation Platform, Tungsten Robotic Process Automation (RPA) facilitates comprehensive automation from start to finish.

Features: Advantages of RPA
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Optimise workforce capacity and efficiency

Implement RPA for end-to-end or partial workflow automation, while leveraging workforce analytics to enhance digital worker well-being, identify trends, ensure compliance, and detect real-time issues.

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Error-Free Outcomes

Mitigate the risk of errors in manual data entry and document processing through the implementation of RPA. By harnessing the power of AI, RPA efficiently accesses and processes information, accelerating desired outcomes.

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Accelerate Digital Workflows

Discover automation possibilities and swiftly create and implement RPA solutions. Eliminate the need for time-consuming and expensive coding processes.

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Enhances Technology Investments

Integrate RPA into existing business process management (BPM) and case management systems to streamline processes. Automate manual steps using robots within broader workflows.

Leveraging the Power of Tungsten RPA

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Simplified Low-Code Design

Empower professional and citizen developers with a cutting-edge robot design studio that enables real-time visual recognition of applications, screen areas, and objects.

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Smart Document Processing

Leverage the power of AI-based cognitive intelligence to learn, process, and classify unstructured document data, automating complex document processing with built-in machine learning and natural language processing capabilities.

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Streamlined Process Discover

Capture, map, and analyse business processes and applications, including interactions across desktop and internal/external applications, to gain valuable insights into existing tasks and processes that can be automated by digital workers.

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Advanced Analytics and Process Insights:

Preconfigured dashboards provide instant insights into robot operations and system performance. Tailor dashboards to analyse employee productivity and identify trends for continuous process improvement.

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Adaptable and Expandable Deployment

Effortlessly expand with a scalable, stateless, multi-threaded architecture. Deploy either on-premise or in the cloud.

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Robot Lifecycle Management

Leverage Git Version Control System (VCS) to efficiently manage a vast number of robots, snippets, and resources. Seamlessly synchronise across various source control repositories, including development, testing, and production environments.

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Intelligent Screen Automation:

Robots capture screen images and intelligence to identify User Interface (UI) elements, including labels, buttons, and text boxes, within application environments such as Citrix.

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Centralised Robot Management:

Achieve optimal scalability and performance by enabling concurrent operation of robots and seamless communication with virtualised applications.

Which Industries Use RPA

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RPA's value has been recognised by financial institutions of all sizes as they strive to accomplish their goals. By bridging legacy systems with contemporary software, RPA enables the automation of crucial banking processes like know-your-customer, anti-money laundering, and fraud prevention.

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Healthcare capture solutions


RPA brings benefits to both private practices and hospitals by optimising back-office processes. It ensures secure retrieval, updating, and storage of patient records in compliance with privacy legislation, enhances patient experiences and service outcomes, and uncovers areas for improvement within healthcare through the implementation of RPA.

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Human resources image Dyanix team

Human Resources

Relieve burdened HR teams by augmenting their workforce with RPA. Enhance internal expense tracking, streamline processes like onboarding and employee separation, and receive automatic alerts regarding compliance and other HR-related matters.

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Insurance industry image teamwork


Insurers can unlock substantial value with RPA, particularly in customer service and claims processing. Robots efficiently collect claim information, organise data, and promptly notify the relevant claims adjuster to initiate case handling. Discover the broader impact of RPA on various processes, including underwriting, and explore its transformative potential.

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IT infrasctructure image server farm

IT Infrastructure

Empower your IT team to prioritise mission-critical tasks by minimising the burden of constant requests for software or data access. Develop robots capable of efficiently managing and monitoring your business's IT infrastructure, promptly notifying relevant parties in case of issues, and allowing for swift resolution.

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real estate image

Real Estate

Real estate enterprises face the challenge of managing extensive data on properties and homes during sales and client searches. RPA revolutionises listing management by automating updates, matching potential clients with suitable agents, and driving increased profitability on a daily basis.


Unlock your business's potential with Tungsten RPA - revolutionise productivity and streamline operations with the industry-leading automation solution.