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Dyanix is the leading provider of hardware and software solutions in scanning and capture in the EMEA region.

We have been active in this market for more than twenty years and have over that time built an ecosystem of 4,000 resellers across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa where we annually handle more than 800 scanner installations.

Alongside scanning and capture hardware, we offer a range of services to support your strategic goals.

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Dyanix Consultancy

The digitisation of documents and books is highly technical, and this is reflected in the range of solutions we offer. In addition to state-of-the-art hardware, we offer end-to-end professional services and service contracts around the technology, financing, customisation, and warranty that fits your needs and situation.

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Dyanix Scanner Hire

We offer a scanner hire service for organisations who may need to loan a scanner for a short period to tackle a backlog of documentation or to digitise the archives of an organisation that they have acquired, or with which they have merged.

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Dyanix Service Contracts

Our portfolio of service contracts enables you to plan with confidence as you pursue your strategic objectives, especially for digital transformation (DX) projects.

DX is a complex encounter with existing business workflows, practices, and technology – and how you navigate this journey is never set in stone. Managing the unexpected is always business-critical, but significantly more so in the process of DX which by its very nature confronts you with change.

In that landscape of challenge and uncertainty, you want to mitigate disruption by protecting business continuity and cost projections where you can.

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An important way of doing this is to guarantee that technical malfunctions of your hardware do not obstruct critical workflows or present you with unforeseen – and unavoidable – costs.

Dyanix offers a portfolio of service contracts that anchor business continuity and the costs of maintenance and repair. We have been a leading vendor of scanning and capture software solutions for many years, so we know the pain points in the workflows of digitising documents and books.

Our range of service contracts captures that experience, unlocking long-term peace of mind for every use case. And if our offer does not fit your needs, we customise it – because agility and dealing with the unexpected is part of our brief too.


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We offer three types of service contracts including:

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The installation and training service agreement ensures high productivity and staff acceptance of your document scanning solution from day one. There are three levels of service – Smart, Business, and Custom – that reflect the complexity of individual use cases, especially around software configuration and specialised training needs.
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This is an extended warranty. It protects from unexpected service costs with a range of packages that include preventive maintenance, back-up units, and fix-time guarantees. The OnSite Project option is fully customised and adds business value for organisations with multiple scanners.
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As the name implies, this service contract guarantees the replacement of a dysfunctional scanner through a specialist logistics service. Our advanced option, SWAP Business, also fixes the defective scanner and swaps it out with a replacement device. For both packages, delivery, spare parts, and repair time are included in the cost of the contract.
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Why Dyanix?

First, an obvious but crucial point: service contracts that do not deliver on their promise serve no purpose. For Dyanix, it goes further than that.

In more than two decades in the scanner business, we have built an enviable reputation, and are determined to preserve our good name, not ruin it by writing or endorsing poor policies.

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Our experience and longevity have given us a deep understanding of the needs and workings of the market, and the flexibility of our service contract portfolio reflects that. 

In other words, we are sure to have a service agreement that meets your requirements, however niche and specific.

We operate principally in the EMEA region where our 10 offices reach out to an ecosystem of 4,000 resellers.
This depth of coverage enables our 70,000+ customers to tap into local knowledge when deciding to invest in a scanning solution.

It also creates the necessary conditions for time-efficient maintenance and repairs.

The scanning solutions offered by Dyanix through its reseller network are state-of-the-art, and the vendors offer a product warranty.

So why would you need a service contract at all?


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How do Dyanix service contracts add business value? 

Hardware warranties expire and often expose you to risk when they are still valid. Under the terms of the warranty, a faulty component or product will be replaced but without guaranteed response times or time-to-repair commitments.

This may lead to downtime and undermine your planning assumptions, which is arguably worse.

For products out of warranty, organisations often have laborious processes around generating POs, and getting them approved and actioned up and down the chain of command.


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If you have a service contract, you can schedule the fix or replacement of your hardware with a single, prioritised call.
This is why organisations prefer to fold the cost of a service contract – over and above the product warranty – into the total cost of ownership. The Preventive Maintenance that is included in the Smart and Business packages of Dyanix OnSite reduces that cost year-on-year as it extends the life of the scanner while maximising performance and productivity.


To sum up, the benefits of service contracts are:

  • Predictable costs for maintenance and repair.
  • Priority support reduces downtime.
  • Business disruption is minimised, allowing organisations to plan ahead with confidence.
  • Preventive maintenance protects your investment and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Dyanix or your local reseller can help you decide which of the Dyanix service contracts aligns best with your needs.


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