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Hyperautomate your business with Tungsten Automation’s Innovative workflow transformation solution.

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Elevate Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency to New Heights

Discover the power of Tungsten TotalAgility, a comprehensive platform designed to automate content-intensive workflows. Seamlessly merging low-code process design, intelligent document processing fueled by AI, and real-time monitoring, TotalAgility empowers organisations to achieve unparalleled efficiency. With seamless integration with Tungsten RPA for task automation, you can streamline operations like never before. Choose from a range of deployment options to tailor the solution to your organisation's unique needs.

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Revolutionary Document Intelligence

Tungsten Automation’s advanced intelligent document processing solution guarantees exceptional accuracy and speed in processing both documents and data.

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Streamlined end-to-end business process management

Tungsten Automation’s central intelligent automation platform is designed to efficiently handle dynamic tasks, initiate automated rules, and deploy an on-demand workforce with ease.

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Efficient low-code automation

Empowering tools for rapid construction, deployment, and acceleration of comprehensive enterprise automation solutions.

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Seamless development experience

TotalAgility provides a fully integrated, single-vendor solution, encompassing RPA workflow, electronic signature, analytics, and case management capabilities. Say goodbye to complex third-party arrangements and the hassle of seeking support from multiple companies.

Features: Why Customers choose TotalAgility

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Unlock the innovator within

Foster empowerment among citizen developers, professional developers, and administrators, enabling them to tackle challenges and drive innovation to greater heights.

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Unlock data and speed

Leverage powerful AI to process documents from any channel, eliminating manual data extraction from workflows.

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Optimise workforce efficiency

Utilise intelligent digital workers to handle high-value workflows and time-consuming tasks, achieving greater productivity, reduced time consumption and minimal errors.

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Seamless experience

Enhance personalisation, shorten customer response times, and streamline management workflows.

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Enable business users

Provide non-technical business users with robust no-code document processing tools.

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Enhance governance and security

Optimise the management of a distributed workforce through advanced version control and enhanced security features.


Don't miss out on a great opportunity to hyper-automate your business with Tungsten TotalAgility.

How TotalAgility Can Help Your business

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Intelligent Document Processing

Gain profound insights into structured and unstructured data by harnessing the power of embedded AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis.

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Smart Analysis

Create and coordinate workflows seamlessly with a synergy of Kofax products and third-party technologies, unlocking limitless possibilities. Tap into an extensive array of pre-built solutions and connectors to enhance your capabilities.

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Case Management

Effortlessly generate or respond to business events in real-time, engaging knowledge workers from any location.

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Rules Management

Efficiently incorporate business decision logic or novel policies while optimising the utilisation of assets throughout the organisation.

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Task Automation

Employ powerful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline tasks and reinforce your human workforce.

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Elevate decision-making, reporting, and workflow optimisation through comprehensive analytics spanning all workflows.


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Find out how Tetrosyl Group Limited's accounts payable department saved up to 90 hours per month with Tungsten TotalAgility®!


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Amongst thousands of competitors, Tungsten TotalAgility has been selected by G2 users as one of the finest IT Management Products.

In the Winter Enterprise Grid Report, Tungsten TotalAgility was recognised as a Leader in Business Process for the fourth consecutive season.

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Discover the untapped potential of your business processes with Tungsten TotalAgility. Streamline operations, automate tasks, and enhance decision-making. Take your business to new heights – add TotalAgility to your portfolio now!