Tungsten VRS Elite

Enhance manual scanning productivity and elevate document capture efficiency with VRS Elite, the patented image enhancement and perfection platform

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Enhanced Data Precision

In the realm of optimised downstream workflows, the quality of scans and the efficiency of data capture play a pivotal role. Tungsten VRS Elite™ steps in as your data quality control operator, meticulously refining even the most challenging documents to reveal accurate information, ensuring your access to precision.​

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Transforming Document Preparation

Effortlessly streamline document preparation with automated evaluation of each page, applying precise image quality settings. Scan colour and black-and-white documents together without the need for sorting. Enhance OCR and/or ICR accuracy, reducing the need for manual intervention.

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Ensure Ideal Images Every Time

Say goodbye to rescanning with automatic image correction. User-friendly tools empower operators to swiftly rectify issues without handling the original document.

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Enhance Data Extraction and Retrieval

Achieve significant improvements in data extraction and retrieval success rates by delivering high-quality images to downstream processes. Improved image quality translates to superior data quality, leading to more informed decision-making.

Benefits: Why customers prefer VRS Elite

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Mastering Complex Documents

VRS Elite prevails even with the most challenging documents, ensuring sharp and pristine images when scanning blueprints, wrinkled paper, security paper, or any other documents that have posed difficulties for traditional scanning software.

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Streamlined Profile and License Management

Effortlessly implement profiles across all scan stations centrally, ensuring uniformity across your entire scanning process. Effectively oversee and distribute licenses to scan stations via the licensing utility.

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Elevating Document Processing Precision

Significantly boost the accuracy of your OCR and ICR software by providing cleaner images for more effective downstream processing.

Features: Where VRS Elite excels
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No Customisation needed

Provides exceptional image quality straight out-of-the-box, saving time and boosting productivity.

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Blank Page Removal

Efficiently eliminates blank pages while scanning both single-sided and double-sided documents.

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Colour Identification and Enhancement

Effortlessly discerns between colour and black-and-white documents, streamlining the process without requiring pre-sorting, and standardising background colour for improved image quality.

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Optimised Network-Friendly Images

Eliminates background noise and shaded areas to produce highly compressed images, perfect for efficient display and rapid retrieval.


Effortlessly streamline document preparation, eliminate rescanning, and enhance data extraction and retrieval. Experience the benefits of VRS Elite™ now!