PSIcapture leverages advanced technology to capture and extract data intelligently, transforming documents into actionable information.


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Harness the potential of individuals. Allow technology to handle the rest.

Experience the efficiency of PSIcapture, a robust software solution for document capture and data extraction. Designed to streamline and automate business processes, it empowers organisations to transform diverse document types and data formats into valuable, actionable information.

With automated document classification, data extraction, and validation features, PSIcapture significantly reduces the need for manual data entry and minimises errors. Leveraging advanced OCR technology, the software accurately captures and extracts data from both structured and unstructured documents, including invoices, purchase orders, and contracts. 


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Enhanced OCR Processing with Proprietary n+1 Processor Balancing

PSIcapture incorporates a cutting-edge proprietary n+1 Processor Balancing technology to harness the power of four, eight, 12, or 16-core processors. The utilisation of multiple processors directly correlates to the acceleration of OCR processing, resulting in significant performance enhancements.

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Dynamic Workflow-Based Classification with Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE)

The Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) empowers users to create classification rules seamlessly within their workflow. By importing documents and verifying the automatic classification in real-time during the workflow, ACE eliminates the need to configure rules beforehand. This streamlined approach ensures efficient and flexible classification throughout the process.

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Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings

By leveraging ACE, users can tap into pre-indexed sets of information and effortlessly locate them on forms, resulting in swift data extraction. What used to be a time-consuming process that took hours can now be completed in under a minute. The time saved translates into tangible cost savings, while simultaneously boosting productivity to a remarkable extent.

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Seamless Integration

PSIcapture offers effortless integration into your organisation's ecosystem, supporting a wide range of 60+ ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and file/folder types. Whether moving files to popular ECM platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint, DocuWare, and OnBase, or simply storing them in a designated folder on your company server, PSIcapture seamlessly accommodates your preferred workflow and storage choices.

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Multi-Core OCR

PSIcapture utilises up to 16 cores for high-performance OCR, enabling lightning-fast text recognition. With OCR integrated into workflows, high-volume users can experience up to 12x faster text reading. Enhance efficiency and productivity with PSIcapture's advanced OCR capabilities.

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PSIcapture is equipped with the capability to be trained in automatically recognising and segregating documents, eliminating the requirement for pre-scan separation and saving you valuable time. This sought-after functionality for Advanced Capture products comes built-in with PSIcapture.

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eMail Capture

Effortlessly and automatically transfer, process, and migrate emails and their attachments to multiple destinations of your choice. Administrators can easily set up the system without the need for end-user training.

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Table Extraction

PSIcapture efficiently extracts each row as a separate record and enables seamless posting to various destinations, such as databases or accounting systems, to expedite processing. Additionally, it allows for the simultaneous pushing of individual index fields and images to other desired destinations.

PSIcapture Fusion

Eliminate the Hassle of Indexing and Validating

Designed for organisations with teams scattered across multiple locations, PSIcapture Fusion offers a team-level structure with dedicated supervisors to ensure security and compliance, simplifying the management of document queues. With an integrated barcode generator and seamless compatibility with PSIcapture, Fusion enables you to leverage the advanced capture capabilities of PSIcapture during front-end processing, providing a straightforward and efficient path to exporting data to PSIcapture Fusion.

PSIcapture Workflow
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PSIcapture automatically organises captured documents into queues.

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Index & Validate

Users with authorisation can manually index documents or validate automatically extracted data.

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Processed documents are seamlessly routed to the organisations’ ECM system for storage and management.


Say goodbye to manual data entry, streamline your operations, and boost productivity. Explore the transformative capabilities of PSIcapture, the cutting-edge document capture and data extraction solution from Tungsten Automation.