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Why should I choose Dyanix SWAP as my scanner replacement service?

Our specially trained and vendor-certified team of field engineers has an in-depth knowledge of multiple scanner types and brands. On top of this, we offer a dedicated technical support service across multiple countries and in all major languages. Regardless of where you are, we'll be there to offer you a helping hand whenever and wherever you need us.


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How do I know which SWAP service package is right for me?

We offer two different packages to suit the needs of different types of end-users. Regardless of what kind of replacement service you're looking for, we'll have the right option for you. 

On top of this, users of both packages have the option of booking a preventive maintenance visit from one of our highly-trained technicians or sending their scanners to one of our workshops for us to have a look at them. This makes the process of keeping your scanner in optimal working order easy, fast and efficient.

Here’s a quick summary to help you get started:

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SWAP Smart

This offers you a quick and easy way to report your broken scanner and receive your replacement device through a special logistics service, providing end-users with quality technical support from our dedicated team of professionals. You can benefit from an advanced unit exchange in which a replacement scanner is sent directly to you before the defective scanner is returned to us.

Delivery and collection of the defective scanner are also included thanks to a special logistics service, as are delivery costs and spare parts.

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SWAP Business

Double exchange in which a replacement scanner is sent and the defective scanner is returned to us. After repair, the replacement scanner is collected and your original scanner is delivered back to you. As with the SWAP Smart package delivery costs and spare parts are included in the contract. So, the choice is yours. You can receive your replacement scanner through a logistics service or go one step further and have your original scanner delivered back to you after repair. 


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Best-in-class service that takes the hassle out of scanner repair

At Dyanix, our SWAP Service provides you with a professional, timely, and cost-effective way to replace your defective scanner. Our service packages come with various flexible options to suit your individual scanning needs.

Customer service

To find out more or purchase a SWAP contract please contact your local sales representative or reseller or contact us directly. You can also ask one of our experts about additional services such as software support, OnSite maintenance services, and training programmes tailored to suit your business needs.