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7 ways Workspace 365 helps you to get real value out of an adaptive workspace

Most organisations have a particular set of goals they are trying to achieve with their digital workspace. Goals for which an application portal simply doesn’t suffice. This is where Workspace 365 can help deliver real business value.  


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In this article, we will explain the 7 ways to get value out of the adaptive workspace, Workspace 365, including: 

  1. Building a bridge between legacy systems and the cloud 
  2. Maximising the value of Microsoft 365 
  3. Stimulating the adoption of important tools 
  4. Supporting your organisation’s digital transformation 
  5. Elevating your intranet & creating a collaboration hub 
  6. Optimising the (digital) employee experience 
  7. Simplifying document management 


1. Building a bridge between legacy systems and the cloud 

Fully transitioning to the cloud is high on most organisations’ agendas. And, if it isn’t, it should be. 

However, many organisations face challenges during this transition due to the difficulty of modernising legacy systems and remote desktops. Workspace 365 can help you implement a hybrid workspace where you are able to modernise wherever you can whilst maintaining your legacy systems. Workspace 365 allows integration regardless of where your apps and systems are located – web-based, hosted, local, or on-premise whilst maintaining a consistent user experience and management.  



2. Maximising the value of Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 offers endless options, functionalities and possibilities, but it is often hard to oversee and manage them all. End-users are also overwhelmed leading to low user adoption. For these reasons, Workspace 365 enables you to fully integrate the most-used components of Microsoft 365. 

Workspace 365 helps you to get the most out of your Microsoft 365 license by maximising its capabilities in the most efficient and simple way. 


3. Stimulating the adoption of important tools 

Breaking old habits is hard, the same can be said for adopting new technology or apps. Workspace 365, allows you to integrate new technology and tools to help its adoption. With the new technology’s integration into the workspace, your users won’t have to create a new routine for finding it. It is already at their fingertips to access. A small thing, which makes a huge difference.  

Micro Apps in Workspace 365 allow for the integration of specific parts of external systems. With Micro apps, you can create specific tasks that simplify Microsoft 365, CRM-, HRM- and ERP systems as well as vertical-specific solutions. This allows you to switch technology beneath the surface, with little or no impact on the end user.  


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4. Supporting your organisation’s digital transformation 

Whilst technology plays a vital part in digital transformation, your team’s ability to adapt quickly and constantly evolve, improve and innovate – is just as, if not more, important.  

An adaptive workspace can help you survive and thrive in today’s digital world. Workspace 365 enables you to interchange technology below the surface without negatively impacting people’s working experience. This will allow you to constantly improve and modernise your employees’ workflow with minimal disruption. 


5. Elevating your intranet & creating a collaboration hub 

Workspace 365 eliminates the boundaries between digital workspaces and intranets. Collaboration and information about the company and colleagues should all be part of work, not something separate. 

Workspace 365 has several social elements you can integrate into the adaptive workspace, making it easy to scale “the level of intranet” up or down and customise it based on your needs. This ensures that everything you use is useful, relevant and embraced by employees. 

If you have already invested in an intranet solution, you can still take advantage of Workspace 365. It allows for the integration of your existing intranet and the other way around. Workspace 365 can also be used as an application within Microsoft teams.  

By using these elements in Workspace 365, the social and corporate parts of work co-exist with your documents, data and tools.  


6. Optimising the (digital) employee experience 

An adaptive workspace is not just a tool that helps people work. It helps people work well and helps them be happy while doing so. It can also be designed to optimise an employee’s experience and well-being. Employee happiness and technology are connected. 

The digital employee experience has a big impact on your organisation, and not just regarding how productive and efficient people’s tools enable them to be. 

In Workspace 365 you can integrate tools to improve employee engagement and foster connection between colleagues. Use the social features to give recognise and amplify employee achievements. Stimulate play, not just work, monitor employee satisfaction and use tools to improve people’s physical and mental wellness. 

Workspace 365 offers endless possibilities to help people get the best out of their work lives including learning tools, and tools for improving personal well-being. 


7. Simplifying document management 

In the Workspace 365 Document App, you can unite your SharePoint and OneDrive with the file server and offer it in the same consistent interface. This enables organisations to gradually make the full transition by maintaining their file server whilst still enabling working in the cloud. 

The Document app in Workspace 365 allows you to build a bridge between the old and the new. Transitioning your documents to the cloud has many benefits, such as collaborating on documents simultaneously and having them accessible anywhere, on any device. 


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