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Digital Workspace Workflow Management

*This article is based on “How to improve workflow management to drive productivity and support employee experience” and can be found here.

Experience the efficiency of workflow management software in action with Workspace 365. This robust platform enables you to streamline workflows within a unified digital workspace, enhancing employee experience, boosting productivity, and ensuring timely task completion. The synergy of Workspace 365's workflow management features and Power Automate in Office 365 amplifies its capabilities, offering a potent solution for optimized digital work processes.

The Activity Feed Feature

A standout attribute of Workspace 365 is the Activity Feed, which consolidates tasks and notifications from various systems into a personalized feed within your digital workspace. This feature empowers users to stay organized, keeping track of their responsibilities and facilitating prompt actions.

Seamless integrations

Workspace 365 seamlessly integrates with a multitude of applications such as Workday, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and Salesforce through multiple connectors. This allows you to configure notifications effortlessly, enabling updates on IT ticket progress or annual leave approvals. The platform's flexibility extends to integrating any external application with a compatible API, ensuring the management of tailored workflows that align with user needs.

Powerful Duo: Power Apps and Power Automate

The Microsoft 365 suite's Power Automate and Power Apps empower organizations to craft custom workflows and dedicated applications seamlessly. Combining these tools enables the management of workflows for both straightforward, repetitive tasks and intricate processes. Workspace 365 seamlessly incorporates workflows delivered via Power Automate and Power Apps, showcasing their efficiency within the Activity Feed.

Micro Apps for Simplicity

Workspace 365 introduces "Micro Apps," dedicated tools enabling users to execute uncomplicated tasks involving workflow, all within a single digital workspace. This feature eliminates the need to navigate to other applications or platforms, as Micro Apps focus on specific tasks or workflows, such as creating and tracking IT tickets or managing expenses.

Unlock Workflow Benefits

Workflow management offers numerous advantages, including heightened productivity and an enhanced employee experience. The aggregation of workflows within the Workspace 365 software simplifies task completion for employees.


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