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Dyanix Drives Compliance Success: A Case Study in Strategic Partnerships and Efficient Logistics Management

A global pharmaceutical company faced a pressing need to digitise its Human Resources files across its offices in the EMEA region to ensure compliance with legislation. With the vast volume of documents spread across different locations, the task was not only urgent but also logistically complex.

Dyanix was approached to facilitate the digitisation process. Understanding the urgency and the need for seamless execution, Dyanix swiftly organised the logistics for production scanners to be delivered and installed at various office locations across Europe.

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Over two months, Dyanix orchestrated the delivery and installation of the scanners in nine different offices within the EMEA region. Each scanner was strategically placed, ensuring optimal usage and efficiency. Dyanix’s expert team provided on-site support, assisting employees with the digitisation process and troubleshooting any technical issues.


  • Logistics Management: Dyanix efficiently managed the delivery and relocation of scanners between office locations, ensuring minimal disruption to the workflow.
  • On-Site Support: Dyanix’s skilled technicians provided comprehensive installation and training.


By partnering with Dyanix, the pharmaceutical company successfully digitised all HR files across their EMEA offices, meeting the compliance legislation requirement within the stipulated timeframe. The collaborative efforts ensured that the digitisation process was efficient, accurate, and compliant with regulatory standards.

Key takeaways:

  • Efficiency through collaboration: Effective collaboration streamlined the digitisation process allowing for swift execution and compliance adherence.
  • Expert Support: Dyanix’s expertise in digitisation and onsite support played an important role in addressing challenges promptly, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Compliance Assurance: The pharmaceutical company’s compliance requirements were met, demonstrating the importance of proactive and strategic digitisation in navigating complex regulatory landscapes.


The successful digitisation initiative undertaken by Dyanix not only helped this global pharmaceutical company achieve compliance but also showcased the importance of strategic partnerships and efficient logistics management in time-sensitive projects.


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