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PFU Limited Transitions to Ricoh: A Unified Step into the Future

Shifting towards a more cohesive identity, PFU Limited has rebranded its renowned image scanners from the Fujitsu brand to the esteemed Ricoh brand. The impacted product lines include the acclaimed fi-, SP-, and the ScanSnap Series. Effective from April 2023 the company's scanning business has become an integral part of the Ricoh brand. This strategic evolution marks a pivotal moment in PFU Limited's history, aligning its trajectory with that of the Ricoh Group.

The essence of this transformation is to leverage the worldwide sales channels available within the Ricoh Group, thereby extending the accessibility of these advanced scanning solutions to a broader range of customers. The goal is not just rebranding, but a seamless integration that draws upon the strengths of both PFU and Ricoh.

A Shared Vision of Transformation

Aligned with the broader Ricoh Group vision for 2036, which aims for "Fulfilment through Work," the transition holds particular significance in the context of evolving digitisation trends. Scanners, as pivotal edge devices, play a central role in facilitating digital workflows, serving as the gateway to digital services. This shift in brand identity encompasses not just a visual change, but an integration into Ricoh's extensive product and services portfolio, which includes MFPs and printers.

The core objective driving this rebranding effort is to optimise the collaboration between PFU and Ricoh, ultimately aiming to deliver innovation that aligns with customer needs, empowered by the technological prowess and sales force of both organisations.

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A Subtle Shift with Lasting Impacts

Despite the rebranding, the heart of PFU's scanners remains unchanged. While the brand logos and packaging labels undergo a transformation, the core attributes of the products remain consistent. The model names, specifications, and functions that customers have come to trust will remain intact, ensuring a smooth transition that upholds the reliability and familiarity that PFU is known for.

As PFU steps into this new phase as part of the Ricoh Group, it seeks to extend its legacy of "manufacturing from the customers' perspective." This approach has been a driving force for PFU's over 30 years of involvement in the document imaging scanner business. Customers can anticipate a continuation of this commitment, now combined with Ricoh's extensive experience and global reach.

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A Future Shaped by Partnership

In conclusion, the transition of PFU from Fujitsu to Ricoh is a measured and thoughtful progression that reflects both strategic planning and a commitment to excellence. As PFU becomes an integral part of the Ricoh Group, the journey towards innovative imaging technology and digital transformation takes a significant step forward. This change underscores a collective vision for growth and a steadfast focus on providing valuable solutions to customers across the globe.

As PFU and Ricoh continue to navigate this transformation together, they look forward to the continued support of their esteemed customers, united in a vision of growth and service excellence.


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