InoTec SCAMAX 8x1 Series

With up to 300 sheets per minute and continuous 24/7 durability, the SCAMAX® 8x1 exceeds the throughput of some open track scanners – with its floor area of just one square meter. That saves space and time. But above all, it saves a lot of money.

For its precise and high-grade construction lends this powerhouse not only its brilliant scanning quality along with its user-friendliness, but also a long life-cycle that results in its low overall operating costs for many years.

The SCAMAX® 8x1 is your smart and sustainable selection for the day-to-day scanning and sorting of document quantities in the five- to six-digit range. For many applications, it is the most cost efficient and space-saving alternative to an entire open track scanner.

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Mid Volume Scanners
Duty cycle
999999 pages/day
Capacity (sheets)
Document size
Scanning speed (ppm)
Optical resolution (dpi)
Multi feed detection
Colour, Greyscale and Black & White
Document length (max)
6920mm (Longdoc. mode 15,5m)
Scanning mode
Document feed
USB 2.1
Dimensions (mm, WxDxH)
Weight (kg)
up to 240kg

InoTec SCAMAX 8x1: Speed is a number. Throughput is a fact

No question about it: the fastest possible scanning speeds are a requirement for time- efficient scanning. Such speeds are significant however only when they are maintained reliably for many hours at a time or during complete shifts. Without stops. And without errors. Only then can high throughput be assured. And only then do we at InoTec name it 24/7 production scanners. Or in other words, if you want to make real headway, you need both speed and endurance.

  • Double input system (optional)
    with a capacity of 2,000 sheets (1,000 sheets per tray) for continuous paper input and uninterrupted scanning procedures. The intake is effected automatically from the stack or by single page feed. With integrated supports for long documents and asymmetrically adjustable paper guides.
  • Height adjustable
    for ergonomic, effortless operation. The optimal working height can be easily adjusted to different operators at any time.
  • Traffic light logic
    for fast, intuitive handling.
  • Imprinter HD (optional)
    for imprints of the highest quality at maximum scan speed. Print resolution: 300, 600 and 1,200 dpi. Printing height: 14.2 mm. Text size: adjustable up to 4 lines and barcode printing.
  • Large 9” MultiTouch Communication Panel (MTCP)
    for maximum user friendliness and intuitive operation. With easily understandable pictograms, traffic light logic and clear full text messages.
  • Straight paper throughput with rear output tray
    among other things, for the output of separated documents, e.g. dividers (with admission height up to 2 mm, optional in four steps up to 5 mm), by event control: e.g. by patch-code, counter, document length, barcodes (1D & 2D) etc.