Wicks and Wilson UScan+ Advanced Fiche Microform Scanner

Wicks and Wilson UScan+ Universal Film Scanning Systems

One UScan+ UF-Series scanner takes the place of four separate scanners – microfilm, microfiche, aperture card and photograph. All UScan+ models incorporate the production-level technology that has raised Crowley’s scanner brands to premier status in the digitisation, records management and preservation industries.

With an intuitive design and multi-use functions, the UScan+ scanners are the ideal unit for libraries, museums, universities, corporate archives and government offices – anywhere microfilm is available for public access or back-office research.

Includes: Scanner Unit UScan+ Microfiche & Aperture Card Carrier and Software.

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Wicks and Wilson
Optical resolution (dpi)
Multi feed detection
Scan to file; network; USB; print; email; cloud; Dropbox; Google Drive
USB 3.0
Dimensions (mm, WxDxH)
510 x 440 x 230 mm
Weight (kg)
Sensor type
20 MP ultra-high resolution active pixel area array sensor with real-time on-screen view
Light source
Custom-calibrated, color-compatible LED array
Production-level, high-end customized lens developed specifically for microform clarity
Film types
Microfiche; jackets; jumbo fiche; ultrafiche; AB Dick; microcards; 16/35 mm roll microfilm; cartridge (M-type, C-clip); aperture cards; photographic slides; negatives; 35 mm perforated films

Wicks and Wilson UScan+ Advanced Fiche Microform Scanner

Wicks and Wilson UScan+ Advanced Fiche Microform Scanner, Includes:
Scanner Unit, Microfiche & Aperture Card Carrier, Uscan+ Software, USB3 Connectivity, Email Connectivity, Scan2Cloud, GoogleDocs, Opaque Light Source, Colour/Grayscale/Bitonal Capture, 20MP Ultra-High Resolution Area Array With Real-Time on Screen View.

Designed for Public Use
Walk-up scanner with sturdy construction, customisable interface, Kensington lock security, whisper-quiet operation, optional pay-per-use interface and low maintenance requirements. Ideally suited to library, office and museum applications.

On-demand Multi-format Scanning
Digitises roll microfilm, microfiche/microcards, aperture cards, and photographic slides/negatives with an icon-driven touchscreen interface

Scan, Print or Save in colour, grayscale or bitonal

High Resolution USB3 Image Sensor in 18MP or 10MP
Higher image sensors provide full-motion response, eliminating on-screen distortions

Learn-As-You-Go Auto Focus
Increase efficiency as the UScan+ learns favourite focus and zoom positions to speed up image access, review and output