Zeutschel OS 12002 Series

If you need to digitize large-size documents, valuable books and maps, the OS 12002 product family provides a futu- re-proof solution for every requirement.

The rear, glare-free illumination and the intuitive operating system with monitor control ensure excellent results. Faulty scans and uneven illumination are thus things of the past. The OS 12002 is especially document and user friendly because you can scan faster than it takes to blink (<1 sec). The low level of light emission not only protects valuable documents, but also makes the handling safe, efficient, and ergonomic.

The OS 12002 is aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional at the same time. It makes digitisation intuitive and easy.

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Book Scanners
Document size
Multi feed detection
Colour, Greyscale and Black & White
Gig E
Dimensions (mm, WxDxH)
up to 1023×880×1206
Weight (kg)
up to 130
File formats
all the standard image formats, for example, TIFF uncompressed, TIFF G4, JPEG, JP2, Multipage TIFF, PDF, Multipage PDF, BMP, PNG, GIF, PCX
Book cradle
Depending on model : Manual, Advanced, Motorized; holder with adjustable opening angle.

Zeutschel OS 12002 Series: Overhead tabletop scanner for books, newspapers and large-size documents

Product advantages

  • high speed (scanning time - only 1 second per scan)
  • does not depend on ambient light
  • low exposure to light (illumination will - only be activated when scanning)
  • no glare, no exposure to heat
  • no UV radiation
  • no reflections with high gloss originals excellent cost-performance ratio

User software:
Software OS 12 for high productivity with all the standard image processingtools, like for example, mas- king, cropping, deskewing, removing black border and connecting to the Document Management Systems

Image processing / image enhancement software (optional):
integrated color ma- nagement, book curve correction, contrast improvement, image rotation, despeckle, deskewing, cropping, masking, b&w scan- ning with dynamic threshold, etc.

The product is available in several device models, including Comfort, Advanced Plus, and V-book scanner. These options provide users with flexibility in terms of the features and functionality they require, allowing them to choose a device that best meets their needs.

The OS 12002 V, which was developed working closely with experienced archivists.

With an opening angle of 90°, the OS 12002 V meets the standard of restorers not to scan old and historically valuable books with an opening angle of 180°, 140° or 120° but with a maximum of 90°. In the process, the books can be scanned with or without a glass plate depending on the need. Other accessories, like for example, inlays for protecting the book spine are optionally available.