Zeutschel OS 15000 Series

Modern as well as historical books, manuscripts, magazines, science reports, contracts or other cultural heritage, the OS 15000 is the multifunctional solution for nearly all digitization tasks.

The OS 15000 wins the users with its extraordinary design and delivers excellent scan quality. The scanner book cradle with a maximum scan area of 460×360 mm and the resolution of up to 600 dpi at 42 bit color quality also enable scans of large format books and documents without problems.

  • OS 15000 Advanced Plus with motorized book cradle, self-opening glass plate and automatic work mode
  • OS 15000 Comfort with Comfort book cradle, without glass plate
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Book Scanners
Document size
Multi feed detection
Resolution (dpi)
Colour, Greyscale and Black & White
Dimensions (mm, WxDxH)
540×640×670 mm
Weight (kg)
up to 50
Book cradle
Comfort book cradle without glass plate

Aesthetics meets performance: the Zeutschel OS 15000 series

Archives, libraries, museums and universities all consider digitization solutions to be a great chance to improve their services because it allows them to provide their collections online. Digitization solutions enable existing users from science and education, as well as new users, to research this material easily.

Perfectly straight, not slanted or askew
Kafka would have been delighted because the book is on its back with the OS 15000 and is scanned very carefully from the top. Simply turn the page after every scan. Distorted letters in the book fold or in cracked originals are automatically straightened by the software, as are original documents that are positioned askew. Users can see every scan in advance on the display. A large book cradle is part of the scope of delivery and an optional powerful PC with a display is also available.

Product advantages

  • compact, functional and revolutionary design
  • convenient operation-
  • independent of ambient light
  • no glare for users
  • brilliant color rendering
  • high scanning speed and short scanning cycles
  • high quality output
  • data flexible interfaces