Zeutschel zeta Series

The Zeutschel book scanner zeta is a versatile scanning and copying device that can digitize and copy various types of documents, including books, files, contracts, and plans. It is easy to operate and provides high-quality data with the highest resolution.

The device is easy to set up, plug in, and use to scan documents, which can be saved, checked, printed, or mailed.

The zeta is suitable for use in libraries, archives, universities, schools, copy shops, banks, insurance companies, legal offices, and media companies.

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Book Scanners
Document size
Multi feed detection
Resolution (dpi)
Colour, Greyscale and Black & White
Dimensions (mm, WxDxH)
870×633×629 mm
Weight (kg)
File formats
TIFF, Multipage TIFF, PDF, Multipage PDF, JPEG, PNG
Operation panel
touch panel (24")

Zeutschel zeta book scanner series: there is almost nothing that you cannot digitise with the zeta

Unpack, switch on, get started
Historical books, new books, magazines, files, ring binders, contracts, balance sheets or land-use plans – there is almost nothing that you cannot digitize or copy with the zeta. But it doesn’t just deliver excellent images and data, it also looks pretty good and is incredibly easy to operate. That makes the zeta the ideal multifunctional system for digitizing and copying in libraries, archives, universities and schools. But authorities, copy shops, banks, insurance companies, legal offices and media companies also quickly appreciate the perfor- mance of this compact office aid. The perfect completion of an up-to-date office.

How to plug’n’scan
Simply unpack the device, plug it in, put in the original document and off you go. The zeta delivers high-quality data with the highest resolution in no time flat. You have free choice for data output. You can check, print or mail your data, save it on the USB stick, send it to your Follow-me application, provide it for download via FTP, or save it in the cloud. This is how you save paper and help protect the environment today.

Perfectly straight, not crooked or askew
The book is on its back with zeta and is scanned very carefully from the top. Simply turn the page after every scan. Distorted letters in the book fold or bent plots are automatically straightened by the software Perfect Book 3.0, as are original documents that are positioned crookedly. You can preview each scan on the high resolution touch screen display in full-HD-resolution (1920×1080 px). Faulty scans are a thing of the past. You have a choice of the zeta with or without convenient book cradle.