Tungsten Express™

Tungsten Express streamlines document management with intelligent scanning, automating high-speed scans, real-time image previews, and automatic indexing without coding.

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Transform Piles of Paper into Actionable Digital Assets

Effortlessly digitise paper documents, enhance business processes, cut costs, reduce paper dependency, and elevate records management and compliance. Swiftly scan, index, and export documents for lightning-fast retrieval.​

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Seamless and User-Friendly Interface

Streamline tasks with a single click, ensuring swift adoption and heightened productivity.

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Effortless Scaling for Enhanced Functionality

Run multiple scan and image processing functions concurrently, optimising throughput for maximum efficiency.

Benefits: Why customers love Tungsten Express
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Seamless Document Integration

Effortlessly index, categorise, and deliver documents and data to over 100 variousback-end systems for swift and hassle-free retrieval. Express seamlessly integrates with Tungsten Capture™ and offers an advanced API for exports.

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Advanced Image Enhancement

Harness the power of SmoothView™ technology to meticulously enhance document images. With integrated Tungsten VirtualReScan® (VRS) technology, your images will surpass the quality of their paper counterparts, all without the need for pre-scan document preparation.

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Effortless User Adoption

Experience a seamless transition with Express's intuitive interface, mirroring the familiarity of Microsoft Office applications. Execute a multitude of Express features with just a single click.

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Efficient Document Processing

Enable Express to swiftly recognise vital index details within a document, automatically memorise its location, and extract data from subsequent documents in record time.

Features: Why you need Tungsten Express

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Streamlined Rescanning

Address scanning challenges with ease. When scanning pages with folded corners or overlooked sticky notes, Express allows you to perform point-and-click rescans, eliminating the need to rescan the entire batch.

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Flexible Document Grouping

Maximise efficiency by filling the auto document feeder. Express will automatically separate documents into individual groups based on patch codes, bar codes, or inserted blank pages, sparing you from scanning documents one by one.

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VRS Quality Corrections

Experience enhanced image quality. If Express encounters a document it can't convert into a legible image, the VRS Corrections feature reserves it for later inspection and correction without the necessity of rescanning.

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Advanced Bar Code Handling

Decipher various bar codes with ease. Express reads most commonly used 1D and 2D bar codes, even those obscured with stamps, handwriting, or stains. Scanning in colour improves accuracy, ensuring flawless decoding at low resolutions.

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Visual Process History

Stay informed about modifications. The Visual Undo History feature displays the sequence of processes applied—or undone—on any document image.


Elevate Your Digital Transformation with Express. Unlock seamless document integration, advanced image enhancement, user-friendly adoption, and efficient document processing. Boost productivity and streamline your workflow today.